Quantum [Un]Speakables 2000

The first Quantum [Un]Speakables conference took place at the University of Vienna in 2000.

The resulting collection of essays under the same title has become seminal for the field.

The Austrian Central Library for Physics produced comprehensive media documentation and a photo album of the event. Media artist Renate Bertlmann created an artistic feature of the memorable event. (View the trailer or the complete feature.)
The speakers at the 2000 Quantum [Un]Speakables conference were:

Alain Aspect
Mary Bell
Charles Bennett
Reinhold Bertlmann
John Clauser
Bernard d’Espagnat
Artur Ekert
Berge Englert
Edward Fry
Giancarlo Ghirardi
Nicolas Gisin
Michael Horne
Roman Jackiw
Hans Kleinpoppen
Simon Kochen
Jon Magne Leinaas
Roger Penrose
Ian Percival
Eduardo de Rafael
Ramamurti Rajaraman
Helmut Rauch
Franco Selleri
Abner Shimony
Jack Steinberger
Stig Stenholm
David Sutherland
Gerard ’t Hooft
Gregor Weihs
Andrew Whitaker
Anton Zeilinger
Antonio Zichichi


Design 2000: J. Petschinka

Quantum [Un]Speakables II: 50 Years of Bell's Theorem

A celebration of John Bell, his theorem, and its consequences.

June 19 – 22, 2014, Vienna, Austria             

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